Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Checking : Gangguan Obsesif - Kompulsif

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Assalamualaikum Malaysia

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Baru tau obses checking tu tergolong dalam OCD. 

Me ni jenis memang suka cek semua suis, dapur gas dan pintu banyak kali sebelum keluar. Tu pun masih ada perasaan tak puas hati. Masih ada rasa 'betul ke dah tutup suis tv tadi?' , 'eh.. tadi sebelum keluar ada pasang dapur gas ke?' , 'suis lepas charge fon tadi dah tutup ke ea?' 

Haaaa.. Selalunya sepanjang perjalanan akan ada persoalan macam-macam yang melintas di kepala ni. Pernah lewat datang kerja sebab patah balik rumah nak cek balik semua suis. Padahal masa tu dah nak sampai pejabat pun tapi sebab hati macam tak tenang maka buat keputusan patah balik. Sanggup kan? Me pun pelik.

Kadang sebelum keluar rumah tu dah pusing satu rumah cek dua tiga kali pun masih rasa tak cukup. Dah kunci rumah, dah kunci pagar, dah masuk kereta pun boleh keluar balik. Gigih buka balik kunci masuk cek lagi sekali. 

Eh.. Tu termasuk dalam OCD-Checking yang kat atas tu ke? Atau me ni memang pelik? 

Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Saya Ini Original Sabahan

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Assalamualaikum Malaysia

Ada satu lagu baru yang buatkan me dan anak-anak rindukan Sabah. Masa balik cuti raya bulan lepas, memang setiap hari dan sepanjang masa me akan dengar lagu ni di rumah. Kalau bukan di youtube, mesti anak-anak dan anak buah yang menyanyi. 

Sampai la sekarang, Along Angah dan Addeena selalu request nak dengar lagu ni. 

Along & Angah : Umi, nak dengar lagu sabah tu..
Addeena : Mi,, nak gu bah.. bah.. 😂

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Tajuk Lagu: Original Sabahan 
Penyanyi : Atmosfera ft. Floor 88 
Komposer : Hezron Rayner 
Lirik : Hezron Rayner 
Published by Rusa Marketing Sdn Bhd

Friday, July 13, 2018

Yakinlah DIA Tidak Pernah Lupa

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Assalamualaikum Malaysia

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Penat menangis..
Penat merasa sakit..
Penat menahan perit..
Penat untuk cuba menidakkan kenyataan..

Dugaan ini berat sekali..
Terasa longlai hendak melangkah..
Terasa berat bahu menahan beban..
Namun siapa kita mahu menidakkan,
Bahawa dugaan ini tanda Allah rindu..

Rindu mendengar kita berdoa..
Rindu mendengar kita merintih..
Rindu mendengar kita merayu..
Memohon belas dari-NYA..

Mungkin Dia melihat kita semakin alpa..
Mungkin Dia melihat kita semakin lalai..
Mungkin Dia melihat kita semakin jauh dari-Nya


Lapang hati setelah mengadu pada-Mu..
Merungkai segala keresahan di jiwa..
Terasa ringan kaki untuk terus melangkah..

Terima kasih Allah..
Kerana tidak pernah lupa pada kami yang kerdil ini..
Kerana mengingatkan bahawa Engkau sentiasa sedia untuk mendengar rintihan hamba-Mu
Mengajar hati untuk redha dengan segala ketentuan yang Engkau takdirkan..

Semoga masih ada sinar untuk kami mengecap bahagia di masa depan..

Sunday, July 1, 2018

Flowers That Are Simply Aesthetically Different From A Better Florist Malaysia

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Looking for stunning flowers to buy from a Malaysia flower delivery? Something you’ve never bought before, something that’s simply aesthetically different? A Better Florist is the best florist in Malaysia that offers the most beautiful floral arrangements, in fact, a catalog of gorgeous, carefully curated flower bouquets and arrangements, that are simply Instagram-worthy. To start off, they are different from every florist in Malaysia, because they do different floral designs that are just to die for. Whether it’s their KL flower delivery, the flower delivery in Ipoh, a flower delivery in Penang or their flower delivery to JB, they always have the same catalog on display in their store or online shop, no matter where you are.
Flowers for every occasion get be purchased here, so simply, because they have a very beautiful website, a small collection and it only takes a minute to shop for flowers or a special occasion. This is especially good when holidays arrive, and you’re constantly in a rush, have a lot of stuff to do, and you can’t spare a day to run around the city in search of all the different gifts and flowers. Luckily, you can just jump online, even through your phone and grab everything you need from the best florist in Kuala Lumpur. Accompanied by their same day flower delivery, you’ll be in florist heaven!

Their same day flower delivery isn’t expensive, in fact, if you order before 3pm, it’s completely free, and they actually do deliver on that same day! How amazing is that? This is probably why they are known as the best Singapore flower delivery, that has the best collection of flowers Singapore can find and the best flower delivery to UAE.
The same florist also has a gift delivery, including gorgeous hampers and fruit baskets. The fruit basket is a great choice for holiday gifts, and the hamper collection offers a hamper for just about any occasion. If they don’t have it pre made, you can ask them to make you your own, unique hamper. For example, you can completely customise the baby hamper they have, or just a grab a hamper on the go, just like the get well soon hamper. It’s all up to you, but they do give you the option to customise, and that’s great to know.

If you’re out of Malaysia, you can find comfort in being able to count A Better Florist, as they not only have a Malaysia and a Hong Kong flower delivery from the best florist in Hong Kong, along with a flower delivery Dubai has and several UAE flower delivery locations, they also have the best florist in Brisbane!

But, whether it’s the best florist in Kuala Lumpur you need, or maybe their flower delivery in Hong Kong, people who have shopped from A Better Florist guarantee that this is the best flower delivery you will try out in your lifetime!    

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Getting A Loan Is Easy But Financing It Is Hard. There Are Consequences If You Miss The Payment

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Buying a house in Malaysia can be quite a daunting experience for first time buyers. The process of buying a new house in Malaysia can be as tedious as you can imagine because you do not know the procedure of buying a new house in Malaysia.

You starting doing your research and look for articles that give you a guide of buying property in Malaysia. After that, you start applying for loan and finally get you loan approved.

However, paying for the home loan payment becomes more and more difficult for people nowadays, as the economy in Malaysia is going downhill as compared to the previous years. This article will guide you through the consequences if you miss the the home loan payment. 

First and foremost, you will definitely be charged with late payment charges, also know as penalty. Each bank has different penalty interest rate and differs across different banks. Let us say Tony bought a house at a price of RM600,00 and he managed to secure a 90% home loan, with a loan tenure of 30 years. As for the interest rate, it is 4.65%, with 3.9% base rate plus another 0.75% interest rate. 

1. Late payment 

Imagine a scenario: Tony was 30 days late in making his monthly payment in the first year. The bank then notified him and charges arrears on him. The arrears charged will be calculated based on the formula below with penalty charged: 

Monthly payment x 30/365 x late interest (3.9% base rate + 6.35% penalty rate) 

He will now have to pay an arrear of RM23.48, on top of the monthly payment of RM2,784.44. The total amount that Tony will have to pay the following month is now RM2,907.92 after the penalty. On the bright side, this will be a one off penalty. However, if Tony fails to make payment on before 60 days, the bank will then have the right to re-evaluate the interest rate. Another thing to take note, if Tony has another late payment again in the future, the bank will also re-evaluate and increase the interest rate. 

If the interest rate for a homeowner has been revised, he or she needs not to be too worried as long as he or she gets back on track and pay the loan payment on time. Then, the bank might review the interest rate and revert the interest rate to its original rate again, with the condition that he or she makes payment on time. Do bear in mind that there is also a possibility that the interest rate might not be reverted back to its original rate. 

Therefore, it is always good to practice making payment on time to prevent getting your interest rate increased and end up having to pay more for penalty

2. You should never miss a payment 

Being a late payer on bills will have a bad effect on your credit health, and there will be no way to fix your credit health once you are a late payer. If you are one those late payers who have been making late payments, the only thing you can do now is to make payment on time from now onwards.

It will not affect your credit history immediately as the credit history shows your transactions and activities for the past twelve months. That being said, if you start making payments on time, your credit history will slowly improve. 

Therefore,. It is always good to make payment on time. Take the example above, Tony was late in making payment once and it has resulted in increased interest rate. You definitely do not want to pay that extra money which could sum out to a big figure in the end. 

3. Struggles in making payment 

If you are not in any financial struggle and the main reason for missing payment is solely because of a busy and hectic lifestyle, you could always rely on reminder on your phone. Set a monthly reminder on your phone to remind you to make payment so you will not miss any payment. If you are not keen on this idea, you could always opt for automatic transfer from your bank account to make your home loan payment monthly. 

However, if you are on serious debt issues, you definitely will need to seek for professional help. It is reported that there are approximately 22,600 Malaysian below 35 years old have declared bankruptcy between 2012 and 2016.

Reasons for the declaration of bankruptcy were mainly the inability to pay for car loans, personal loan and housing loan. To deal with this, you could always look for Credit Counselling and Debt Management Agency (AKPK) and enrol yourself in the debt management programme. If not, you could also contact your bank and renegotiate the terms and condition. Another option will then be refinancing your mortgage to reduce your loan payment monthly.

Property consultant would also advise you to sell your house as a last option to pay for the loan. Move out instead and opt for rented unit that will not cause you financial burden. 

In conclusion, think carefully and thoroughly before making such big decision in buying a house. Always set a realistic budget and stick to it to prevent yourself from getting into financial burdens or debts.

8 Tricks Millennials Can Learn Save Money

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Assalamualaikum dan salam 1Malaysia

It is normal for the younger generation to not have much savings on hand yet, due to their relatively young age. As many millennials know, saving money is more often easier said than done, especially when earning a starting salary. After taking out rent, utilities, Internet, groceries, student debts and all other expenses, an exciting paycheck can turn into a pathetic fraction of its former self. We’ve all been there: the feeling of starting out is not the greatest in the world. Ergo, millennials need to come up with various ingenious ways to save money while on a tight budget. In this guide, we’ve compiled 5 tips and tricks that you as a millennial can pick up from all generations before you to save money and built long-term wealth.

1. Take advantage of technology 

Technology is not foreign to millennials. In fact, they grew up with it. The right apps can sometimes help you scout out good deals. A plethora of apps exist that can help you save money on things ranging from food to clothing. For example, apps such as FAVE can help you enjoy the best deals and discounts for a wide range of purchases including dining, travel, fitness and more.

2. Set financial goals

The key to any successful savings plan is to set achievable financial goals. Having a goal in mind gives you a clear reason to put your money away diligently. Make both short-term and long-term goals for yourself. For example, an achievable short-term goal would be to set aside 10% of your income from your next 5 paychecks. Do keep in mind that you need to have long-term goals as well, for example, owning a piece of johor land.

3. Know what you’re working with 

Keep track of your finances well. Get yourself into the habit of creating and sticking to budgets. It doesn’t matter the method of keeping track – whether it is an app, an excel spreadsheet, or a traditional accounting ledger – figure out the best way that works for you. You need to know exactly how much you are making, how much you are spending, and where exactly your money is going. Ignorance may be bliss, but you can’t afford to turn a blind eye to your finances. You need to be aware of your financial situation and capability in order for you to maximize your savings and minimize overspending.

4. Don’t follow the herd 

Millennials are all afraid of FOMO, or the Fear of Missing Out. This can be a very pervasive apprehension in terms of social and peer pressure. The advent of social media has pressure the younger generation to do what their peers are doing, to be in the know about, and to be in possession of more or something better than them. It is, however, inevitable that you need to combat this uneasy feeling in the journey of learning to be more financially responsible. Going out often equals paying more for food and drinks. Chasing the latest fashion trends may mean spending a fortune on your Adidas Yeezys or NMDs. The ability to decline invitation and to steel yourself from giving in to FOMO can be an amazing way to save up some money. Try hanging at home for a change.

5. Understand your money pitfalls 

It’s not just FOMO that you should be aware of. It is important for you to understand all of the possible pitfalls when it comes to your finances. Keep track of your spending habits. Are you shopping too emotionally? Do you spend a lot of money to keep up with the latest tech gadgets? Whatever your own pitfalls are, it is vital that you develop strategies to manage them.

If you need your daily cup of coffee, think about making your own at home instead of buying one at a Starbucks every morning. Likewise, learn to use up the whole lifespan of your gadgets and electronics.

6. Save money where you can’t see it 

Many of the younger generation successfully start saving a small amount of money, only to be hit by a large expense that forces them to dip into their savings. This is a hard habit to break. Instead of saving your money into one savings account, separate your money to different accounts according to their different purposes. Keep a bank account for daily expenses, and a separate one for long-term savings. It is better if the money your account for savings is not as easily accessed.

For example, consider a fixed deposit with a year-long maturity date. Or consider investing with the extra money you have saved. You can look towards mutual funds, or even real estate investments, to not only fully put your savings to work, but also grow your financial mountain at the same time.

7. Get organized 

Keep track of all your debt and payments. Pay of your debts on time, whether it is your rent, Internet bills, utilities, or any other bill you’re responsible for. Keep in mind that a single slip of your memory can get you ending up with late fees that are more than a little outrageous. If you find yourself to be absent-minded, or too busy to be keeping tabs of your payments day to day, think about setting up automatic payments with your bank or with your service providers. Not only will you avoid late fees and save money, you’ll avoid all the stress as well.

8. Start thinking about retirement 

You may think you are still young, but it’s never too early to start thinking about your own retirement. Think about it this way, the sooner you start planning savings and investments, the sooner you will achieve your goal of financial freedom.

Last advice

Saving money does not mean that you have to skimp and save by only paying for the bare essentials. You just have to be smart about your spending. Of course, when you have the extra money, and you have achieved most of your short-term financial goals, reward yourself with some of the creature comforts you love.

Friday, June 15, 2018

Things To Take Note Of Before Renovating Your House

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With so many HDB around Singapore, such as HDB in Ang Mo Kio, getting yourself a new home is not difficult as long as you meet the criteria. Have you recently gotten yourself a new home? Are you planning to renovate your new home but you have no idea on where to start? Fret not, this article will guide you through your home renovation journey with ease. 

1. Find out average cost of home renovations 

The cost of home renovations varies depending on factors such as the age of property, type of property, type of materials used and the scale of project. For built-to-order (BTO) HDB, the average cost of home renovation would range between S$30,000 to S$50,000. As for a resale flat, it will then be 50% more than the cost of renovation for built-to-order HDB. On top of the amount that you spent for your new home, you will need additional money for home renovation. Hence, the importance of setting a realistic budget for home renovation. 

2. Set a budget 

It is essential to have a budget for your home renovation to prevent yourself from overspending on unnecessary things. You can always choose to use a budget planner to help you keep track of your available budget for your home renovation. Look at your current finances and set a budget accordingly. 

In addition, there are also renovation loans available if you require one. Most of the renovation loans available in Singapore allow you to have a loan of maximum S$30,000. Therefore, it is advisable to start saving early for house renovation before you start looking for a house. Do bear in mind that renovation can cost beyond S$30,000. 

If the renovation loan of S$30,000 is insufficient for you, you can consider getting a personal loan instead. However, personal loan comes with higher interest rate as compared to a renovation loan. A personal loan comes with a 12% to 15% interest rate as compared to renovation loan that comes with a 6% to 7% interest rate. 

3. Come up with ideas 

Next, you will need to start planning. Plan your ideal designs, the materials you prefer and so on. You can also start seeking for advises from your family and friends. This will help you to be on track throughout the renovation process. 

There are many websites on the Internet that you can visit to get some ideas on what design you prefer. Get yourself exposed to different kind of designs out there. From there you can decide on the paint color, lighting, curtains, electronics and etcetera. Narrow down the designs you like and discuss with your interior designer if you engage in one. Share your ideas with your interior designer on the style you prefer for you living rooms, kitchen, bedrooms and toilets. In addition, it is also essential to have a measuring tape with you all the time so you will be able to measure any furniture you like before buying. 

If you are not engaging any interior designers, make sure you look for reliable contractors. Always compare 3 quotes before you decide on which contractor to engage with. 

4. Precautions to take 

Before you sign any agreement with your chosen contractors, do your research on the credibility of the contractor. You can check from the Consumer Association of Singapore to see if there is any complaint lodged against the contractor in the past. Check for their past projects as well. When the renovation work starts, you will need to supervise the renovation progress from time to time. It is advised that you monitor closely on your renovation on a daily basis. In addition, with close monitoring allows you to avoid any misunderstanding between the contractor and you. It is important to have any mistake spot as early as possible. Rectification can also be done too reduce costs. 

These precautions are important to prevent being the one to lodge complaints. Not only it will allow you to monitor the progress of the renovation work, it will also save you from a lot of unneccesary work and costs in the future. 

5. Permission for alterations 

It is the owner’s responsibility to get permission from the Urban Redevelopment Authority for any renovation that will affect the external appearance of the building and result in increase of floor area.

As for HDB flats, the Housing and Development Board has another set of rules that is catered for renovations. You will need to obtain prior permission from the Housing and Development Board before you go for any type of renovation work. 

In conclusion, always plan your budget ahead and try sticking to your budget to prevent yourself from overspending on your renovation limit. Besides, there are also many articles on the Internet on how you can renovate your house without breaking your bank account.

Thursday, June 14, 2018

Berpuasa Dengan Lazz Susu Kambing

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Assalamualaikum Malaysia 

Selamat menunaikan fardhu Ramadhan buat semua umat Islam. Alhamdulillah. Dah masuk 5 Ramadhan hari ni. Masih di beri kekuatan dan kesihatan oleh Allah untuk berpuasa. 

Sebenarnya me nak share satu produk minuman berasaskan susu kambing yang boleh bantu kita untuk mengurangkan rasa lapar di bulan puasa ni biarpun kita dalam keadaan sibuk bekerja. Minuman ni dah ramai yang amalkan dan rata-rata kongsikan pengalaman yang positif. 

Memberikan Tenaga Tambahan Ketika Berpuasa 

Nak tau minuman apa? Produk minuman Lazz Susu Kambing. Ye.. ye.. Me tau ada yang risau dengan bau hamis atau bau kambing yang kuat dalam minuman ni kan? Me pun sebelum ni macam tu juga tau. Hahaha. Tapi bila dah rasa takde bau hamis atau bau kambing pun. Sedap je minum.
Hehe Lazz ni sesuai untuk kanak-kanak berumur dua tahun hinggalah warga emas. So, ibubapa yang nak ajar anak-anak untuk mula berpuasa boleh amalkan Lazz ni. Untuk ibu mengandung dan menyusukan bayi pun memang sangat sesuai. Macam me sendiri masih breasfeed Addeena memang perlukan lebih tenaga untuk berpuasa. Ibu-ibu yang menyusukan anak mesti fahamkan. Heeeee.

Kelebihan lain Lazz di bulan Ramadhan
  • Susu kambing Lazz bersifat alkali, boleh bantu meneutralkan toksin yang berlebihan dalam perut. Sesiapa yang ada gastrik memang sesuai amalkan Lazz 
  • Bagi yang berpuasa sambil berdiet, boleh juga jadikan Lazz sebagai minuman tambahan kerana Lazz membantu mengurangkan rasa lapar dan mengawal kenaikan berat badan. 

Me amalkan Lazz ni ketika bersahur dan berbuka. Sahur dengan Lazz ori atau Lazz Kurma. Bancuh secawan Lazz lepas tu campurkan dengan dua atau 3 sudu nestum/oat. Minum macam ni plus dengan makan beberapa biji buah kurma je pun insyaAllah bertahan sampai ke petang.
Anak-anak pula suka Lazzchoco. Along dari taknak minum susu dah mula balik dengan Lazzchoco ni. Semua kata sedap.  
Pernah sehari tu, tengah semangat nak masak lauk berbuka ni, tiba-tiba lak air paip takde. Huhu. Rasa nak menangis pun ada. Bahan semua dah siap tapi tak sempat nak masak. So, berbuka dulu dengan Lazz pasu baru keluar cari makan.
Penyelamat! Hehe. Mana nak beli susu ni? Boleh beli secara atas talian >KLIK LAZZDELIVERY< atau whatsapp >KLIK WHATSAPPLAZZ< . 

Harga? Boleh rujuk 👇👇

Untuk maklumat lanjut tentang Lazz Susu Kambing ni, boleh follow :- 



Thursday, June 7, 2018

Hadiah Bonus Tahun Baru RM270,000

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Assalamualaikum Malaysia

Telekom Malaysia Berhad
Level 51, North Wing, Menara TM,
Jalan Pantai Baru, 50672,
Kuala Lumpur,
WP Kuala Lumpur,

Hadiah Bonus Tahun Baru.

Pihak Telekom Malaysia @Program Kemenangan yang telah diadakan pada 25 Mei 2018 di 
mana alamat email anda yang disertakan beraama Tiket Kemenangan nombor 2 - 4 -16-37 
- 89 - 40 -85 dengan siri nombor 2268/02 telah memenangi loteri kategori hadiah kedua 
khas keluarga Telekom Malaysia.Untuk menuntut hadiah kemenangan ini anda dikehendaki 
menghubungi melalui e mail Bahagian Tuntutan
untuk tujuan pemerosesan dan pembayaran hadiah wang tunai kepada anda.

Di sepanjang program Khas Keluarga Telekom yang telah diadakan di Ibupejabat di Kuala 
Lumpur sejumlah Rm 270,000.00 (Ringgit Malaysia : Dua Ratus Tujuh Puluh Ribu) telah 
dianugerahkan kepada anda oleh Telekom Malaysia Berhad kepada anda dan keluarga 
anda sempena sambutsn Hari Raya 2018 ini.

Program ini turut dibiayai bersama oleh Toyota Malaysia dan Tenaga Nasional sebagai 
pakej istimewa Telekom 2018 dan anda perlu memahami bahawa e mail ini adalah 100% 
sah dan diiktiraf kerana program ini kebiasaannya diadakan sekali dalam masa lima tahun.

Sila hubungi agen kami untuk menuntut hadiah ini :

Pengarah Bahagian Tuntutan
E-mail: tmbhd.my@gmx.com

Untuk tujuan pemerosesan sila hubungi agen kami dengan maklumat-maklumat
berikut :
1) Nama Penuh:
2). Umur:
3). Pekerjaan:
4). Telefon:
5). Negeri/Bandar:

Perlu diingatkan bahawa hadiah akhir tahun Telekom Malaysia Berhad 2018 ini adalah 
diberikan khas kepada anda dan keluarga anda dan anda hendaklah membuat tunttan ini 
sebelum 25 Jun 2018.

Terima kasih.

Mrs Nadia binti Rafik
Pengurus Eksekutif
Anugerah Telekom Malaysia
Ibupejabat telekom Malaysia


Adoii.. siapa lah yang rajin sangat mainkan perasaan orang bulan-bulan puasa ni. Agak-agak la pun nak menipu. Dah la me tak pernah pun langgan apa-apa perkhidmatan TM ni. Memang tak lah nak percaya.

Cuba google nama Shafie bin Hassan tu, sekali keluar la semua berita pasal scammer ni. Sekali dengan pengurus eksekutif dia si Nadia Rafik tu. Tengok dari hasil carian depa memang buat kerja scammer ni dah lama. Modus operandi sama je. Lepas tu isi email sama cuma tukar tarikh dan keraian je. Haishhhh.

Baik sangat nak bagi hadiah beratus ribu kan.

Korang kat luar sana harap tiada lagi yang tertipu dengan scammer-scammer macam ni.

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Along Dah Pandai Rindu Tapi Rindunya Pada Yang Sudah Tiada

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Assalamualaikum Malaysia

Beberapa hari lepas, masa tengah berbuka terjadi perbualan antara Me, En.Abg dan Along.

👧 : Bila kita nak pegi rumah yang ada Ayyan tu?
👩 : Nanti raya kita balik kampung ye. 
👧 : Tapi tokyang dah takde. Along rindu tokyang.


👧 : Kenapa tokyang meningggal umi?
👨 : Tokyang sakit tua.
👧 : Owh.. bukan sebab kaki dia patah ke? Kan dia pakai tongkat..
👨 : Bukan. 

Dia sambung makan 2, 3 suap pastu dia tanya lagi..

👧 : Habis tu along nak jumpa siapa nanti? 

Muka dia dah nak nangis. Bibir pun muncung ke depan. Umi? Lagi sebak. Huhu. Tahan je airmata dari mengalir.

👨 : Nanti kita jumpa nekyang ea. Kenapa mulut along macam tu?
👧 : Sebab along sedih. 

Huwaaaa... Nak meraung rasa bila dengar along cakap macam tu. Dia baru 6 tahun tapi dah pandai rindu. 

Masih teringat-ingat masa adik bagitau atok dah takda. Rasa tak percaya tpi dalam masa sama airmata mencurah-curah. Allah!

Rindu ni hanya Allah yang tau. Betullah orang kata, rindu yang paling sarat adalah rindu pada mereka yang dah tiada. 😢😢

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Thursday, May 3, 2018

MEGA BONANZA 2018 Agrofarmstay Melaka kembali lagi!

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Assalamualaikum dan salam 1Malaysia

MEGA BONANZA 2018 Agrofarmstay Melaka kembali lagi! 

Agrofarmstay Melaka tahun ini sekali lagi mengadakan Mega Bonanza yang sangat menjimatkan pelanggan mereka. Berita baik untuk yang ingin mengadakan Hari Keluarga atau Family Day sesama ahli keluarga atau syarikat tempat kerja, atau pun reunion bersama rakan-rakan. 

Jimat sekurang-kurangnya RM1,000. WOW!!

Penjimatan bermula dari RM1,000 sehinggan RM3,900. Banyak tu. 

Nak tahu apa pakej yang ditawarkan? 

Tawaran kali ini adalah untuk pakej family day. Konsep pakej kali ini adalah tempah dulu dan tarikh family day boleh tetapkan kemudian. Sebab pihak kami tahu nak organize family day ni susah. Nak dapatkan persetujuan semua ahli keluarga akan memakan masa. Oleh kerana tempoh promosi ni terhad, jadi boleh book dulu dan bagitahu tarikh family day kemudian. Boleh pilih tarikh dari sekarang sehingga tahun depan 31 Mei 2019. Banyak masa tu. Sekarang tak ada alasan susah nak organize family day dah ye. 

Promosi ini bermula dari 25 April 2018 sehingga 13 Mei 2018 sahaja ,boleh booking dulu dan tarikh event/family day bagitahu kemudian. 

Kandungan Pakej Mega Bonanza 2018 

Pakej ini adalah penginapan 2 hari 1 malam untuk 20 orang. Kalau lebih dari 20 orang, boleh tambah bayaran mengikut pax selebihnya. Makanan di sediakan sepanjang penginapan yang terdiri daripada makan tenghari, makan malam BBQ dan sarapan pagi. 

Kami juga menyediakan sukaneka sebanyak 5 game bersama jurulatih. Tak lupa juga untuk kaki karaoke boleh cuba berkaraoke disini. Bagi yang lebih suka aktiviti air, boleh cuba berkayak atau memancing , Cuma perlu bawa joran sendiri. 

Di sini ada pelbagai haiwan seperti ayam, arnab, burung, kambing dan kuda. Boleh cuba bagi makan kat haiwan tersebut. Bagi kanak-kanak, kami ada sediakan pertandingan mewarna. Boleh tengok bakat mereka nanti. Tak lupa juga hamper bagi sukaneka dan peraduan mewarna. Akhir sekali kami akan sediakan banner family day dengan nama family masing-masing. Wah. Banyak kan aktiviti. 
Harga yang di tawarkan

  • Harga asal tanpa promosi untuk 20pax ialah RM3,780 (RM189 per pax). 
  • Harga promosi pakej 2 hari 1 malam utk 20pax ialah RM2,780. 
  • Harga jatuh dalam RM139 per pax sahaja. 
  • Bagi tambahan yang melebihi 20pax, dewasa RM139 dan kanak-kanak RM99 sahaja. Maximum 78pax. 
Sangat-sangat murah. Dijamin berbaloi. Untuk tempahan, sila layari laman web kami di: 

Whatsapp / SMS / Call: 012 – 211 8246 / 016 – 209 8623 / 012 – 202 5647 
Office: 06 – 232 2761

Friday, April 27, 2018

I Miss You My Friend

4:59 PM 3 Comments
Assalamualaikum dan salam 1Malaysia 

Pernah tak korang rasa terasing dari komuniti sekeliling korang? Means di pejabat.. di kejiranan atau antara kawan-kawan. 

Rasa kosong je. Bila tengok kawan-kawan bergelak ketawa, tak rasa nak gelak, tak rasa nak join sembang atau chit chatting. Time tu perasaan lonely sangat. 

Feel like i don't belong here. This is not my place. 

Masa tu kau rindu sangat dengan kawan-kawan lama.  
Yang mampu buat kau rasa kau adalah kau. 
Yang mampu layan kepala gila kau. 
Yang mampu layan sedih kau. 
Yang mampu faham kau even kau tak bersuara pun. 

Yes! Once me pernah ada kawan-kawan macam tu. 

Tak pernah terasa walau kau cakap kasar dengan dia pun. Kalau dengan dia tak mampu kau nak marah lama-lama. Antara kami tak pernah ada perkataan 'sentap' atau yang seangkatan. Which is me baru kenal perkataan tu bila pindah sini. Soooo kampung right.Hahahaha 

Hanya nak bagitau yang aku rindu korang. Rindu saat kita sama-sama struggle dengan segala jenis masalah sambil senyum dan ketawa positif. 

Even korang tak baca pun but i'll make sure you all read this. Hahahaha

Monday, March 26, 2018

Potongan Sehingga 80% Sempena Kempen Lazada THE BIG BABY FAIR

8:00 AM 11 Comments
Assalamualaikum dan salam 1Malaysia

Hari ni nak update sebab nak kongsikan satu berita baik buat semua parents di luar sana tu. Terutamanya yang ada baby dan buat mereka yang sedang membuat persediaan untuk menyambut kelahiran cahaya mata. Lazada ingin berkongsi kegembiraan dengan memberikan tawaran harga terbaik dan menarik bagi pelbagai jenis barangan dan produk bayi pada kempen The Big Baby Fair bermula 28 Mac 2018 sehingga 1 April 2018

Tawaran potongan harga sebanyak 80% untuk pelbagai barangan seperti lampin pakai buang, susu formula dan barangan keperluan bayi dari jenama-jenama terkenal antaranya Drypers, Anmum, Sweet Cherry, Dutch Lady, Philips Avent, Sweet Heart Paris dan banyak lagi. Menarikkan? 😊

Ada lagi berita baik ni. Sepanjang kempen The Big Baby Fair ni, Lazada juga menawarkan  Free Shipping, Combo Deals, Vouchers, Maternity Guide dan Milk Formula Guarantee

Haaaaa.. tak perlu keluar rumah, tak perlu bersesak, semuanya hanya di hujung jari. Dah boleh buat list barangan apa yang perlu di beli semasa kempen The Big Baby Fair ni nanti 😊

Me sendiri pun dah mula listkan barang-barang keperluan untuk Addeena ni. Tinggal nanti nak buat perbandingan harga je. Dah pernah ada pengalaman beli belah semasa kempen Baby Fair sebelum-sebelum ni. Memang harga berbaloi dan puas hati. Beli banyak dan simpan sebagai stok. Time kempen macam ni la kita dapat berjimat sikit. Lagi-lagi dengan kos sara hidup yang tinggi ni kan. Makanya,, jom lah kita buat pilihan yang bijak. 

Rebut Peluang Memenangi Voucher RM1000

Haaaaa.. ni satu lagi nak kongsi bagi mereka yang nak menang voucher bernilai RM1000 dari Lazada, boleh lah sertai peraduan Big Baby Candy Land ni. 

Cara penyertaan :
  1. Mesti ada akaun Instagram 😄 dan pastikan akaun anda disetkan ke mod Public ye 😊
  2. Ambil gambar anak anda dengan tema "Candy Land" dengan cara yang paling kreatif. 
  3. Upload ke dalam Instagram dan masukkan hashtag #BigBabyCandyLand dan #BigBabyFair
  4. Peraduan berlangsung dari 20 Mac 2018 sehingga 27 Mac 2018.

Hadiahnya :

Voucher RM1000 x 5 pemenang
Voucher RM200 x 20 pemenang

Boleh baca syarat peraduan kat ⇒ Klik Sini

Wowww.. Menarik kan? Senang je tu. Me pasti semua parents kat luar sana tu kreatif bila sampai bab anak-anak ni. Hehehe. Good luck korang!


Selamat membeli-belah semua😉😉

Monday, March 19, 2018

Semoga Di Tempatkan Di Kalangan Mereka Yang Beriman

10:52 AM 1 Comments
Assalamualaikum dan salam 1Malaysia

Dugaan sungguh bulan Mac 2018 kali ni. Kehilangan dua orang yang rapat dalam hidup. Yang banyak berikan nasihat dan teguran. Terkilan rasanya bila tak berada bersama ketika akhir hayat mereka. 

Baju putih, keduanya pergi selang seminggu je.
Innalillahi wainna ilaihi rojiun 

 اللهم اغفرلها وارحمها وعافها وعفو عنها واكرم نزولها ووسع مدخلها وتقبل حسنتها وكفر سيئتها برحمتك يا ارحم الراحمين 

"Ya Allah..Ampunilah dosanya, kasihanilah dan sejahterakan dia, maafkan kesalahannya, Muliakan kedatangannya, lapangkan kuburnya dengan rahmat-Mu, wahai Tuhan Yang Maha Pengasih.. Amin

Tak mampu nak bercerita panjang. Tatap gambar ni je cukup buat me rasa sedih. Airmata tak berhenti mengalir. Rasa terkilan masih ada namun redha dengan pemergian keduanya 😢😢

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Menangi Percutian Ke Luar Negara Bersama Fly and Win CNY Challenge

10:09 AM 2 Comments
Assalamualaikum dan salam 1Malaysia 

Dah nak masuk hujung Januari dah wei. Bulan Februari ni ada cuti Tahun Baru Cina. Dah plan ke nak bercuti-cuti Malaysia ke mana kali ni? Me tengah excited nak plan sebab hujung tahun lepas tak sempat nak bercuti. Hahaha. Pepagi semangat wei buka page Traveloka. Memang suka survey page ni sebab bagi me mudah dan mesra pengguna. 
En.abg bagi me mandat untuk cari destinasi percutian. Makanya jom lah kita buat listing bebanyak. Kenapa nak list bebanyak? Senang nak pilih. Yang penting kriteria tempat penginapan sesuai dengan kehendak percutian kita dan masih dalam bajet. Me suka tempat yang jauh dari hiruk pikuk kota. Cehhh. Yelah, kata nak tenangkan fikiran kan. 

Antara Tips Untuk Bercuti 

1. Tentukan Tempat Percutian 

Pilih tempat percutian yang kena dengan kriteria penginapan yang di ingini. Sebelum tu kena pastikan lokasi dan pilihan tepat sesuai dengan keluarga kita. 

2. Tempah Tiket Lebih Awal 

Biasanya tiket akan lebih murah jika ditempah 6 bulan ke atas sebelum tarikh penerbangan. Kena rajin semak harga tiket. Jangan lupa subscribe emel airline pilihan untuk dapatkan maklumat-maklumat mengenai promosi semasa.   

3. Menempah Pakej Percutian 

Nak lagi jimat, tempahlah tiket penerbangan sekali dengan penginapan. Biasanya untuk tempahan pakej macam ni harga lebih berbaloi. Dapat penginapan yang disediakan dapur sekali lagi baik sebabnya kita boleh jimatkan kos untuk makan.

Tengah survey tetiba ternampak pulak iklan contest ni. Hadiah menarik weiii. Bulan bintang terus mata me. Hahaha. 

1st Place : 6 Hari 5 Malam ke Seoul (Flight & Accomodation) 
Sumber Google Image
Memang dah lama sangat simpan niat nak ke Seoul ni. Bukan sebab nak jumpa artis Korea bagai tu tau tapi sebab terpikat dengan budaya dan keindahan suasana 4 musim di sana. Kalau di beri pilihan teringin nak pergi time musim luruh atau musim bunga. Nak jugak pegi time musim luruh tapi bila tetiba suhu kat Malaysia ni rendah pun tak tertahan rasanya lagi nak main salji? Hahaha. 

Antara tempat menarik yang boleh dikunjungi di Seoul adalah Namsan Tower, mercu tanda Seoul paling terkenal. Bagi mereka yang suka dengan alat-alat make up dan skincare wajib singgah di Namdaemun dan Myeongdong. Ingat winter sonata, ingat Pulau Nami. Tak sah rasanya ke Seoul jika tak singgah di sini. 

Di Itaewon pula terletaknya Seoul Central Mosque untuk kemudahan umat Islam. Katanya makanan halal mudah di cari di kawasan ini kerana bilangan penduduk beragama islam yang agak ramai. 

Ada banyak lagi tempat menarik yang boleh di kunjungi di Seoul seperti Lotte World, Petite France, Yongpyong Ski Resort, Istana Gyeongbokgung dan Insadong. 

2nd Place : 5 Hari 4 Malam ke Phuket (Flight & Accomodation) 
Sumber Google Image
Phuket Old Town adalah salah satu bandar bersejarah yang membentuk Bandar Phuket. Thalang Road merupakan jalan utama di Phuket Old Town. Terdapat bangunan lama berkonsepkan Sino-Portugis yang masih kekal hingga ke hari ini. Sebahagiannya telah ditukar menjadi bar, kafe dan rumah tamu. 

Teringin nak tengok persembahan kebudayaan Siam Niramit. Yelah, pergi negara orang rugi tak tengook persembahan kebudayaan mereka kan. Katanya gajah pun berlakon sekali dalam persembahan tu. Hebat kan? Sebelum persembahan bermula katanya banyak aktiviti lain yang menarik disediakan untuk pengunjung seperti persembahan muay-thai. 

Lagi tempat menarik yang boleh dikunjungi di Phuket adalah Island Hoping, Trip Discover Catamaran dan Phuket City View Point. Bagi yang sukakan aktiviti lasak seperti zipline, skyline atau roller zipline, bolehlah ke Hanuman World Phuket. 

3rd Place : 4 Hari 3 Malam ke Langkawi (Flight & Accomodation) 
Sumber Google Image
Haaaaaa.. tak dapat pergi Seoul pun, dapat Langkawi pun dah cukup bersyukur. Hahahaha. Sebabnya dah beberapa kali plan nak ke Langkawi tapi ada je masalahnya. Sedih tauuu. 

Antara yang menjadi tarikan di Langkawi adalah keindahan pantainya yang cantik dan bersih. Pantai yang menjadi pilihan kunjungan pelancong adalah Pantai Cenang, Pantai Tanjung Rhu, Pantai Tengah dan Pantai Pasir Tengkorak. Ada banyak aktiviti keluarga yang boleh dilakukan di sepanjang pantai ni selain menikmati keindahan semulajadinya. 

Tarikan alam semulajadi yang ada di Langkawi pun memang menggamit hati me nak pergi iaitu Kilim Geoforest park, Air Terjun Telaga Tujuh, Air Terjun Turun Temurun, Tasik Dayang Bunting dan Taman Lagenda. 

Selain dari 3 hadiah utama, share kat Facebook pun boleh dapat RM1,000 Traveloka voucher untuk dua pemenang. Yang ni pemilihan secara random. 

Nampak Seoul tu terus bunga-bunga hati me nak join mini contest ni. 

Cara Penyertaan Traveloka Fly & Win Challenge 

1. Klik link contest → Traveloka CNY 2018 Contest 
2. Jangan lupa fahamkan terms and condition dan instructions sebelum mula   
3. Lepas baca dan fahamkan tu, bolehlah Start Game. 
Sehari boleh submit 5 score je. Pastikan korang Submit score terbaik korang tau. 

Best main game ni. Nampak senang tapiiiii susah weii. Hahaha. Bertabahlah korang yang main ye. Dari tadi duk marah sebab plane me asyik jatuh je. Terkejut-terkejut tengok tetiba ada halangan di depan. Adoiiii. Geram tapi tetap nak sambung main gak sebab bayangan Seoul tengah bermain-main di depan mata ni. Hahahaha. Nak menang hadiah best dah tu free pulak mana boleh senang-senang ye tak. 

Tapi hari ni ketabahan teruji. Makanya sambung esok lagi arr contest ni. Hahahaha. Yang penting jangan mengalah je kalau nak tiket free tuuuu. 

Tempoh contest berlangsung mula dari 22 Januari 2018 hingga 28 Februari 2018

Korang jom lah join sekali. Mana tau ada luck korang dapat tiket free kan.