Monday, August 20, 2018

Lovely Wedding Dress and Hand Bouquet Combinations

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Assalamualaikum Malaysia

Lovely Wedding Dress and Hand Bouquet Combinations | Weddings dresses cannot be on their own. A bride needs more in order to look her absolute best during her wedding ceremony—makeup, accessories, etc. One of those important accessories is the hand bouquet. This one flower arrangement is a major aspect of your bridal march. Some are not aware that, like the wedding dress, there are also various styles to the hand bouquet. Any style can accentuate your wedding dress, and below are some of the wedding dress and hand bouquet combination you can use for your wedding march. You can also talk to your florist shop in singapore for a combination best fit for your wedding’s theme.

Off-Shoulder Wedding Dress 
The off-shoulder design often look free-flowing and carefree. Themes such as rustic and bohemian weddings are a definite yes for this this particular wedding gown. A good way to accentuate this kind of vibe is to pair it with a hand-tied hand bouquet to give off that fresh look. A talented florist in Singapore can easy provide this. Another style you can carry with your off-shoulder wedding dress is a cascade bouquet. It gives off the same freeing feel that the off-shoulder inspires. Its waterfall effect is beautiful and eye-catching as well, and it will have a real charming effect to the bride as she walks the aisle in her off-shoulder wedding dress.

Mermaid Wedding Dress 
The mermaid wedding dress is great in highlighting the bride’s visuals, especially if she has an hourglass figure. For this kind of wedding dress style, the pomander hand bouquet can be a quite handy. Its easy-grip ribbon handle makes it easy to carry, and it gives the bride less things to worry about, given that the mermaid style dress’s fit can be quite snug. Another hand bouquet style you can match with this wedding dress is the posy bouquet. It is round in shape and fairly easy to grip. If the mermaid dress’s design is simple, the posy can feature striking flowers that can add more to the bride’s aesthetic. You can find excellent designs when you look at the websites of florists delivery singapore.
Lace Wedding Dress 
The lace wedding dress tends to stand out on its own because lace is always beautiful and easily catches the eyes. Since the dress is already stylish enough, the simple, perfectly arranged hand bouquet style such as the round bouquet or the composite bouquet can be an elegant match. They are gorgeous and accentuates the bride’s look but uncomplicated enough not to clash with the wedding’s dress’s style. You can ask your florist online to give you a simple yet beautiful bridal bouquet design.

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Addeena Minta Adik. Dah Bersediakah Umi?

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Assalamualaikum Malaysia

Dari minggu lepas Addeena asyik kata ada baby boy dalam perut umi. Angah yang mulakan dulu sebenarnya kisah baby boy ni. Tapi Addeena bila dengar macam dah lekat dalam kepala dia yang memang betul dia bakal dapat adik lelaki. Hari-hari duk ulang benda sama. Kadang masa tengah bf kan dia pun dia boleh buat-buat bisik ngan 'adik' dia ni.

Dah bagitau dia yang tak ada baby pun tapi dia masih jugak berkeras ada. Pening kepala umi. Hahaha
Ada kawan yang kata bagi lah dia adik. Dia dah besar. Hurmmm. Pada me, Addeena tu kecil lagi. Masih breastfeed pun even dah campur susu formula kan. Lepas tu manja dia bukan main lagi. Along dengan Angah tak boleh dengan Umi. Umi ni dia punya sorang katanya. Tu macamana nak beradik tu? Hahahaha

Orang kata tu doa sorang kakak yang nak adik boy. Aminn. Mana tau makbul doa Addeena kan. Hehe.

Bagi me pun, sebenarnya memang teringin nak tambah sorang lagi anak cumanya banyak benda nak fikir sekarang ni. Mental dan fizikal belum bersedia lagi. Dari segi kewangan pun kena fikir juga. Addeena pun belum free diapers. Nak beli susu lagi. Nak sekolah lagi. Kos sara hidup bukan makin rendah. Semua barang nak naikkan harga. Huhuhu.

Macam-macam persediaan nak kena fikir dan buat sebelum nak tambah keluarga ni.

Bila plan nak mengandung lagi? Hehehe

Maybe 2 tahun lagi kot. Masa tu Addeena dah masuk tahun satu. InsyaAllah. Dah pandai bawa diri sikit nanti boleh la nak tolong jaga adik.

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Rezeki kalau dapat baby twin kan? #eh